My Balancing Act

May 23rd 2017


Life is a balancing act, but I’m pretty clumsy.

Balance is always something I’ve struggled with. The balance between work, school, my hobbies, my varying groups of friends, my goals and ambitions, my health and every other possible factor in my life has always been something I could never boil down to a science. I find that when I’m more social, I eat worse and sleep less. When I work too much I find that I let my hobbies slip through the cracks and I get lazy on my time off. And when I focus really hard on my goals and hobbies I tend to get lonely because I spend less time with people in order to stay more on track.

I’ve tried tons of ways to alleviate these issues such as planners or calendar reminders or having people hold me accountable for my own balance but none of them ever seem to stick. I need a solution that, in itself, isn’t too much to balance. I need something that I can commit to that won’t take any time away from the things I’m trying to balance. But I’m still left with a lot of questions.

How do I strike a balance? How do other people find enough hours in the day to do everything they need and more when I can barely juggle two aspects of life in the same day? How can I be satisfied with all areas of my life?

I know I won’t figure out the answers to these questions overnight but I’m determined to find a way to get myself in line.

I may be clumsy, but I know how to hold onto what’s important~




  1. secretagent001 · May 23

    i Hope in near future you would find the answers for your questions… Keep blogging… All the best


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