Bonus Post: My Blog’s Future

For the next 10 Days I will be throwing up some bonus posts alongside my regularly scheduled blog posts in order to work on setting concrete goals for the future and establishing my brand….which is me. I am my brand.

Anyway, without further ado, here are my 3 goals for the future of my blog:

  1. See growth in my followers and post view counts (preferably double in the next 3 months) by developing a stronger relationship and loyalty between my readers and I.
  2. Work on developing my niche in terms of my writing and subject matter. I plan to test out various different series/set of weekly or monthly features until one sticks with both my readers and me.
  3. Create an appealing brand that shows who I am and what I am trying to portray in the most honest and transparent way possible.

As I gain more of a following I plan to move to 3 blog posts a week on topics of my choice including things like reviews, introspective pieces, lifestyle pieces, and more. I want my blog to continue to be a place that I can express myself while connecting with people who appreciate my insights and are similar in mindset.




  1. kaygrav · May 23

    All the best


  2. Bozdar · May 28

    I wish you good luck to your ambitions. I have also posted my first blog post today and it still needs work around.


    • jessofearth · May 28

      Thank you very much and good luck on your blogging journey. I read your first post and it was great! Have a nice day:)


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